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Baby changing areas

For baby’s comfort, public toilets are equipped with changing tables:

COGNET district:

Public toilets with changing table next to the SATA checkouts: Rond-Point des pistes, departure from the DMC des Grandes Rousses (H2 on the resort map)

GAMES district:

Toilets with changing table at the outdoor swimming pool (G5 on the resort map)

Toilets with changing table at the ice rink (G5 on the resort map)

Toilets with changing table at the Palais des Sports et des Congrès (J6 on the resort map)

VIEIL ALPE district:

Toilets with changing table inside Alpe d’Huez Tourisme (F6 on the resort map)


In sports stores

Les Intrépides nursery

Don’t hesitate to entrust your children to the professionals at the “Les Intrépides” early childhood multi-reception center who will take care of them and offer them a whole range of activities!

Learn more about la Crèche Les Intrépides

The Family Guide

Download the summer 2023 family guide


Baby picnic areas

You will find several picnic areas on our family walking trails, so you can eat with your family outdoors and enjoy the landscapes.

OBP 238 – Alpe d’Huez walk > Lac Besson

OBP 244 – Poutran Fountain Walk > La Grande Sure

OBP 251 – Huez Walk > Le gua par les gorges de Sarenne

OBP 264 – Walk around the lakes

OBP 267 – Alpe d’Huez walk > Pierre Ronde

Download the plan for family walks ideas