Updated on November 28, 2021

Be reassured in Alpe d’Huez

You look forward to a change of scenery, to fill up with oxygen, to admire the unobstructed view of the surrounding massifs from an altitude of 3330 m, to share a good raclette with the family, to enjoy a moment of relaxation at the spa, flooding your social networks with memories … To experience this mountain of emotions that Alpe d’Huez and its teams offer you. Despite special sanitary circumstances, the resort is up to the plate and wants to make your vacation a moment of relaxation and rest. Rest assured, you can fully and safely enjoy the mountain of activities and entertainment that the resort offers during the holidays

Good news, the resort will be open from December 4, 2021 to April 24, 2022!

Rest assured, you will be able to fully enjoy the mountain of activities and entertainment offered by the resort in complete safety during the holidays.


Wearing the mask

By prefectural decree, the wearing of a mask¹ outdoors may be imposed during periods of high traffic (school holidays, specific events, etc.).

Common sense remaining the norm, the obligation to wear a mask does not apply to people who exercise, to drivers of vehicles and two-wheelers as well as their passengers, and to people with disabilities.

  • Help us protect the groundhogs! Garbage cans are available to dispose of your used masks (as well as your other waste).

(1) Surgical mask or UNS type 1 mask or FFP2 mask

Health protocol in ski lifts

A health protocol allowing ski resorts to be opened as a whole was drawn up in consultation with elected officials, representatives of ski resorts and the State. This health protocol includes adaptations making it possible to open ski resorts during a pandemic, while ensuring everyone’s safety. Wearing a mask will therefore be compulsory in the queues (for all ski lifts) as well as on all ski lifts (chairlifts, eggs, cable cars, cable cars, funitels, etc.), from 11 years old.

(1) Surgical mask or UNS type 1 mask or FFP2 mask

The Health Pass² will be compulsory for ski lifts, as long as the incidence rate is greater than 200 cases / 100,000 inhabitants.

(2) Health Pass (for people aged 12 and over) = complete vaccination cycle + 7 days OR RT-PCR or antigen test of less than 24 hours OR certificate of recovery

Do you want to reassure yourself and get tested?

Note that since October 15, the Health Insurance reimburses tests for:

– People with a complete vaccination schedule;

– People contacted by health insurance, as part of contact-tracing;

– Symptomatic people with a doctor’s prescription. Pharmacists are not authorized to give you a prescription. For all other people, the prices for the tests are:

– 44 € for an RT-PCR test;

– Between 22 and 45 € for an antigen test.

Do not hesitate to check with the healthcare professional before performing your test.

District des Bergers :

Medical Center des Bergers – Learn more

Pharmacy des Bergers – Learn more

Resort center :

Medical group de la Meije – Learn more

Pharmacy des Jeux – Learn more

Other :

Freelance nurse – Marion Henry – Learn more

Health Pass in other places ²

Note that the Health Pass remains compulsory, as everywhere in France, for a whole series of places listed below.

Updated on 26/11/2021

Lifts YES
Tubing Expérience NO
Toboggan on rail NO
Bergers shopping center (less than 20,000 m²) NO
Sports Palace YES
swimming pool YES
Ice skating rink YES
Cinémas YES
Bars YES
Restaurants YES
Nightclubs YES


(1) Health Pass (for people aged 12 and over) = complete vaccination cycle + 7 days OR RT-PCR or antigen test of less than 24 hours OR certificate of recovery

(2) Get closer to the event organizer


Measures on November 26, likely to change by government decision …


Are you looking for information?

Meet at the Alpe d’Huez tourist office! Édouard, Aleksandra, Valérie, Mariem… They are all mobilized this winter to give you the right information, the one which will save you precious time, and which will allow you not to miss any of the activities offered on the resort. To meet them, take your mask, respect the direction of movement and do not forget the small dose of hydroalcoholic gel when arriving and leaving. You can also find all the information about Alpe d’Huez on our website and on the resort’s application.