Baby changing areas

Public toilets, for tots and parents are equipped will changing tables

COGNET neighbourhood :

Public toilets equipped with baby changing facilities next to the ski lift tills at the SATA: Rond-Point des pistes, departure point of the ‘DMC  Grandes Rousses’ ski lift (H2 on the resort map)

JEUX neighbourhood :

Toilets with a changing table at the open-air swimming pool (G5 on the resort map)

Toilets with a changing table at the ice rink (G5 on the resort map)

Toilets with a changing table at the Palais des Sports (sports centre) (J6 on the resort map)

VIEIL ALPE neighbourhood :

Toilets with a changing table inside the Alpe d’Huez Tourist office (F6 on the resort map)


Baby sledge rental (harness & back rest)


 BERGERS  neighbourhood:

COGNET  neighbourhood:

ECLOSE  neighbourhood:

JEUX neighbourhood :

VIEIL ALPE neighbourhood:

Baby carrier rental

COGNET neighbourhood:

JEUX neighbourhood:


Pushchair/buggy rental

COGNET  neighbourhood:

JEUX neighbourhood:

VIEIL ALPE neighbourhood:


Rental of sledge-style strollers

With a 3 point harness, a back rest and a folding handle, you can push and pull the sledge more easily; suits children up to ages 2 ½ /3.

COGNET  neighbourhood:

JEUX  neighbourhood:

 VIEIL ALPE neighbourhood:

Ski rental for kids

For all those young intrepid adventurers, Family Plus sports shops in Alpe d’Huez have a «  Kids Pack Ski  » rental offer starting at boot size 23 (ski length: 67 cm)

Children’s Daycare

‘Les Intrépides’ Daycare Crèche

‘Les Intrépids’ is an early childhood daycare centre run by professionals who will look after your little ones (From 6 months to 4 years) and will offer them a range of different activities to entertain them !

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Leisure center ALSH

For children between the ages of 6 years old until 12 years old. Playful, cultural and sport activities ( non-ski activities).

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The Family Guide

  Download the Winter Family Guide 2019-20(PDF)