Advies en veiligheid

Tips and advice for your safety

Before you leave

Winter sports holidays need planning ahead especially if you are taking children. Here are a few tips to make sure that your trip to the mountains has no hiccups:

  • Don’t forget your gloves, warm hat, scarf and tights. Remember a helmet (or a warm hat),  bring extra gloves and goggles (or sun glasses) in case they get lost.
  • For really little ones, an all in one romper suit with furry booties provides very good protection against the cold.
  • Shoes:  for après ski, choose a pair that are warm, light and waterproof.
  • Remember sun glasses and sun cream (a high factor is strongly recommended or total block)
  • Health record: if you leave your child at the créche, you will need to bring their health record.

Babies and altitude

A baby is far more sensitive to cold than an adult as they move less and their thermostat isn’t mature yet. They need suitable warm clothes and don’t forget their extremities (heads, hands and feet).

When it is cold, don’t use a baby carrier. As the baby’s legs are compressed they risk getting cold. A push chair that is well covered and has a protective wind shield and hood will help keep them warm.

Bring Lip salves to prevent lips from getting chapped and sore.

Regarding food and drinks, with the cold and dry air your baby or child may need more to drink and eat than usual. Take regular breaks and carry a snack with you and drink regularly.

Stay Safe – Rules of conduct on the slopes