Rubrique Evenement

Snowkite Masters


Wind, mountains and snow: the golden triangle for snow kite lovers who meet up to take on the elements and take to the air for the World Snow Kite Masters.

It’s a thrilling and spectacular show that blends the best of technique and style. The best freestyle riders of the planet out-do each other with their figures, tail grabs, kite-loops and handle passes on the Alpe d’Huez snow kite park. It’s an extreme sport that rouses curiosity and will have you switching your cameras to ‘action mode’ to capture the champions in full flight!

Bonus : The après-ski is really fun and friendly with the « SKM » roadie team are set up in the heart of the resort. The evenings are a feast of festive and artistic fun!


maison de l'Alpe


Route de la Poste
38750 Alpe d'Huez


Zaterdag 5 tot en met vrijdag 11 december 2020 van 9.00 tot en met 15.00 u.
18:00: Na feestelijk
22:00: avond.

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