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Baby changing areas

Pour le confort de maman et bébé, des toilettes publiques sont équipées de table à langer :

COGNET neighbourhood :

Public toilets equipped with baby changing facilities next to the ski lift tills at the SATA: Rond-Point des pistes, departure point of the ‘DMC  Grandes Rousses’ ski lift (H2 on the resort map)

JEUX neighbourhood :

Toilets with a changing table at the open-air swimming pool (G5 on the resort map)

Toilets with a changing table at the ice rink (G5 on the resort map)

Toilets with a changing table at the Palais des Sports (sports centre) (J6 on the resort map)

VIEIL ALPE neighbourhood :

Toilets with a changing table inside the Alpe d’Huez Tourist office (F6 on the resort map)


Equipment  for little ones

Alpe d’Huez has concierge facilities called Wikizi that have a great selection of items that are useful for early childcare needs: baby bouncers, baby baths, bottle warmers, high chairs, booster seats, foldable baby cots / mattresses  / sheets, boxes of toys etc

There is also all you need for hiking: back packs, baby carriers, 4x4 baby buggies



Baby sledge rental (harness & back rest)

 BERGERS  neighbourhood:

COGNET  neighbourhood:

ECLOSE  neighbourhood:

JEUX neighbourhood :

VIEIL ALPE neighbourhood:


Baby carrier rental

COGNET neighbourhood:

ECLOSE neighbourhood:

JEUX neighbourhood:


Pushchair/buggy rental

BERGERS  neighbourhood:

COGNET  neighbourhood:

JEUX neighbourhood:

VIEIL ALPE neighbourhood:


Rental of sledge-style strollers

With a 3 point harness, a back rest and a folding handle, you can push and pull the sledge more easily; suits children up to ages 2 ½ /3.

BERGERS  neighbourhood:

COGNET  neighbourhood:

ECLOSE  neighbourhood:

JEUX  neighbourhood:

 VIEIL ALPE neighbourhood:

Ski rental for kids

For all those young intrepid adventurers, all the sports shops in Alpe d’Huez have a «  Kids Pack Ski  » rental offer starting at boot size 23 (ski length: 67 cm)

Children’s Daycare

Classroom in the Alps

Primary age children can combine ski-school with supervised extra school help (French school class CP to CM with educational games, reading). This is all possible with the Classroom in the Alps!

Find out more on Alpe Cartable Buissonnier (Classroom in the Alps)

‘Les Intrépides’ Daycare Crèche

‘Les Intrépids’ is an early childhood daycare centre run by professionals who will look after your little ones and will offer them a range of different activities to entertain them !

Find out more on la Crèche Les Intrépides

The Family Guide

         Download the Winter Family Guide Hiver 2016-17(PDF



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