Oisans Col Series

From 05/07/22 to 30/08/22


Specific roads are reserved for cyclists (roads closed to motor vehicles) every Tuesday morning. It's a dream opportunity for cyclists of all abilities to enjoy the lovely Oisans roads without any exhaust fumes! Many mountain passes are included in the program.

Oisans Col Series is a gathering for cyclists that is free, untimed, with no official starting time and requiring no prior registration. Refreshments are offered at the top of each pass.
It's a chance to cycle without cars on the road. Riders should however obey all traffic laws and ride safely!
This summer the program includes the following mountain passes: Col de la Croix de Fer and Glandon, Col du Solude, Col d'Ornon, Col de Sarenne, Col du Sabot, the climbs to Alpe d'Huez, Villard Reculas Oz-en-Oisans and Les 2 Alpes.


38520 Le Bourg-d'Oisans

Telephone : 04 76 80 03 25
Website : https://oisans-col-series.com/
e-mail : info@oisans.com


Free access.


From 05/07 to 30/08/2022, every Tuesday.

Cancelled in case of bad weather.