Show: Tout le monde le sait

On 22/07/24


With La main qui parle company.
From 8 months.
Reservations required.

A bear struggles with prejudice: everyone thinks he's fierce, but he's only interested in sharing tenderness and gentleness with the other animals of the forest. His quest for love unfolds along the way, with the panels of the Leporello - an accordion-like décor - created from the album's watercolors, opening up, stretching out and sculpting the space. The various animals enter the scene and slip into the story, manipulated by the actress as the bear makes his way along.


Bibliothèque Municipale
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Telephone : 04 76 79 57 69
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Free of charge. Subject to availability.


Monday 22 July 2024 between 5.30 pm and 6 pm.

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